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WIM Welcomes Bako Ambianda, CEO of Labacorp Group

We have the utmost pleasure to count Bako Ambianda amongst our esteemed guest speakers. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Labacorp Group. He will be sharing his wealth of knowledge on Solar Power Technology Revolution at the WIM2020.

On December 9-11, 2020, EqualOcean will host this year’s World Innovators Meet (WIM). WIM2020 will take on a bolder stance and adopt a more global outlook by taking the form of an online conference that will be streamed simultaneously in all countries and regions that champion the realm of technology and innovation. 

During the World Innovators Meet, the WIM Committee will release the annual blockbuster WIA list, the World Innovation Awards, based on our annual industry and investment research findings, together with a series of research reports.

“When I launched the Labacorp Group, I set out on a mission: I wanted to ensure that all operations of the group would be rooted in the ‘Afri-developism’ economic concept that I created, because I wanted to work relentlessly toward the development of Africa,” said Ambianda in the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 Magazine.

As world-leading researchers looks set to deliver low-cost, high-efficiency photovoltaic technology that could finally rival energy generation from fossil fuels, Bako Ambianda has long since started the journey toward widespread solar power technology and has made exceptional contributions to the fields of energy, technology and innovation in Africa so far.

Bako Ambianda knows the African advantage in the solar energy revolution. It is no news that Africa is often considered the ‘Sun continent’ – nor should it surprise anyone that it is the continent where the Sun’s influence is paramount. According to the ‘World Sunshine Map,’ Africa receives many more hours of bright sunshine during the course of the year than any other continent of the Earth. Many of the sunniest places on the planet are there. Despite the large solar potential, penetration of solar power in Africa’s energy sector is still very low.

While the market for solar photovoltaics (PV) has expanded greatly in recent years, but its contribution to world energy at large is still small and the technology more expensive than fossil fuels. Silicon, used in virtually all commercial solar cells, is cheap and abundant, but it is costly and energy-intensive to produce it in the pure crystalline form required for PV. For solar power to really replace fossil fuels across the globe, the technology needs to become even cheaper, probably about 25% of the current price, and more efficient still.

Through Labacorp, Bako is attempting to adjust the narrative. Labacorp Power Company is an independent power producer and renewable energy Development Company that specializes in the facilitation, development and operation of sustainable power generation projects in Africa, currently boasting a growing portfolio of projects. Through its subsidiaries, the company provides solar energy solutions and services to residential, commercial & industrial power users in emerging and frontier markets.

“There is an increase in the demand of solar energy for electricity, and solar business is a profitable source of income. It is therefore paramount to prepare entrepreneurs to meet this rising solar energy need. The goal of Labacorp Solar Academy is to sustain the institution and expand it across emerging and frontier solar markets,” said Mr. Bako Ambianda at launch of the Labacorp Solar Academy, who is founder & president of the Academy.

The Labacorp Solar Academy (LSA) is a professional solar training institution that provides online and on-site solar training courses and certification. LSA programs will help create more demand for solar energy, increase solar jobs, train, and mentor solar entrepreneurs, improve workforce productivity and groom more solar skilled workers, technicians, and engineers. “Solar power is now economically viable across most countries around the world, thanks to several factors, notably falling cost of solar panels, rising cost of fuels used in conventional power generation, and excellent fit to demand patterns,” said Mr. Sunil Ramakrishnan, faculty member at Labacorp Solar Academy, and CEO of Solarstrom Global Consultants.

Forbes Africa highlights that, at only 29 years of age, Bako Ambianda has successfully built a fledgling empire. Today, the Labacorp group has grown from just housing an events organizing team to owning businesses across the manufacturing, power, construction, agribusiness and exhibition sectors with operations in six countries with 79 employees, and a footprint in Africa, Middle East and North America. Bako is active as an international development expert, author, speaker, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

Bako Ambianda has won numerous awards, including the Global Business Disruptor 2018 Award by Professional Association of Young Africans (PAYA), Most Admired Young Global African 2019 by PASSION VISTA, Class 2019, Most Influential People of African Descent (Under 40) by MIPAD, Class 2018, and Africa Business Leadership Excellence Award 2018 by African Leadership Magazine.

At the 2020 World Innovators Meet annual conference, hosted by EqualOcean, we will be honored to have Bako Ambianda join us. On December 9, 2020, Bako will share his thoughts on the Solar Power Technology Revolution. We believe it will not just remain a keynote but a call-to-action message to the globe.

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