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Bako Ambianda International, LLC

Bako Ambianda International, LLC

An International Professional Development and Management Company

We market and manage Mr. Bako Ambianda’s public speaking engagements in personal development.

We help individuals and organizations to advance by leveraging professional skills, books, videos, and personal growth trainings and programs.

We offer courses in mindset improvement, community development, career advancement, and maximizing human potentials. Bako Ambianda serves as the principal trainer and speaker.

We promote and distribute Bako Ambianda books worldwide, which includes “Invest in Your Mindset,” “Destined to Win in the Game of Life,” “Who Is in Your Ears,” “Ingredients to Uplift Your Journey,” and “The Unstoppable Warrior.”

We manage Bako Ambianda advisory board services to governments, businesses, individuals, and groups offered on a retainer basic that bring great value with his unique experience and expertise.