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  • Solar
  • Storage
  • Wind
  • Biomass
  • Hydro
  • Green Hydrogen


  • Renewable energy projects facilitation & network builder
  • Co-develop clean energy products targeting African markets
  • African governments relations expert
  • Business model planning & strategy
  • Extensive know-how on doing business in Africa
  • Representation at solar & storage trade shows in Africa

Labacorp Power Company, LLC

Independent Power Producer and Renewable Energy Development Company

An independent power producer and renewable energy development company that specializes in the facilitation, development, and operating of sustainable power generation projects in Africa with a growing portfolio of projects. Through its subsidiaries, the companies provide solar energy solutions and services to residential, commercial & industrial power users in Africa; and engage in product distribution, and project financing.


Africa is home to over a billion people, with nearly 600 million lacking access to reliable electricity. The supply of consistent, affordable energy is critical to the economic and social advancement of Africa. To play our part in bringing power to our continent, we have invested in the power sector and committed to lighting up homes, businesses, hospitals, and schools across Africa.


Labacorp Power Company conducts a wide spectrum of activities in the power generation industries through its subsidiaries and affiliates. We have an ongoing relationship with groups of investors looking to invest in renewable energy projects in Africa (solar, wind or hydropower), and work with project developers looking for equity partners.

We develop solar power projects in Africa as an independent power producer (IPP). Our ideal approach is to identify land to lease or buy, obtain PPA and develop the project. We can do this directly, through a government bid, or a solar program.

We partner with project owners (worldwide) that have shovel ready projects looking for finance and we source investors in our network to fund the project. In this arrangement, we propose 5% development fees and 2% commission fee from the funds raised. We have an ongoing relationship with investment groups looking to invest in solar projects.  The investors are straight-forward and highly diligent and not willing to take on construction risks. So, robust EPC must be in place.

We partner with project owners to offer our consulting services either in project origination, feasibility analysis, project facilitation, and/or project development. In this case, we will offer our services on a one-time consulting fee or monthly consulting retainer.

We supply a variety of portable solar-powered products for rural electrification and empowerment. Our flagship products include a Solar DC kit which comes with 4 lamps, one fan, and mobile charging. The second is a solar-powered sewing machine which also has a table lamp, table fan, and mobile charging. The ideal way is to identify communities with no power for the lighting kit and then supply these products to them through the local government or directly.

We work with project owners with projects that generate either international renewable energy certificates (I-RECs), clean energy certificates (CELs), or carbon credits using one of the main voluntary carbon standards (e.g., Gold Standard, VCS, CDM). We showcase the projects to our partners that have interests in purchasing I-RECs, CELs, or carbon credits when they have demand by their clients.

We conduct a wide spectrum of business development activities through our subsidiaries and affiliates in the energy storage, EV charging, smart energy, smart farming, smart homes, and smart cities industries.