Welcome to Labacorp Group of Companies


The word “La” is a French and Spanish meaning of “The”

The word “Ba” refers to Bako and the word “Corp” means Corporation

So “Labacorp Group” stands for (La Bako Corporation Group), which means The Bako Corporation Group.

 The Labacorp Group logo, all its subsidiaries’ logos, and initiatives logos are properties of the Labacorp Group, Ltd.


Brand Slogan

The Labacorp slogan ‘Committed to Development’ means that Labacorp continues to work hard in many corners of the world, and around the clock to make contributions to building a better tomorrow and creating better living conditions in Africa. Our efforts are to achieve our goal of what Labacorp brand mandates. The Labacorp Group of Companies operations are rooted in the economic philosophy of Afridevelopism which promotes economic development and social progress in Africa.


Labacorp Logo

  • To protect Labacorp’s logos and the integrity of our brand, we have developed its symbolic representations.
  • The group corporate logo is designed in red, black, & white, the corporate colors of Labacorp Group.
  • The globe map indicates the group global operations with a focus on Africa and declares Labacorp’s commitment to global development.
  • The Red color symbolizes power, resilience, reliability, and rationality.
  • The Black color represents the united synergy and reflects warmth and compassion.
  • The White color represents the ‘people’ to whom Labacorp devote itself, namely meaning employees, customers, and all of humankind.
  • The line indicates forward motion, representing our aspirational spirit.
  • Whereas the combination of the three colors signifies the harmony and balance among people and symbolizes Labacorp’s vast potential for growth.
  • The Labacorp Group logo stands for the image of a good company that Labacorp seeks to project – a warm, confident, powerful, and sustainable enterprise.