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An off-grid solar energy toolkit for sustainable living, farming, and public shows.

Laba Solar Box is intended to provide innovative containerized plug-and-play solar energy solutions in Cameroon, offering best-in-class engineering, components, and workmanship to meet the needs of rural and remote residential, community, commercial, and agricultural applications.

Laba Solar Box will be three modular systems for clean, reliable, and affordable energy anywhere.

Laba Solar Container™ will provide residential, community, and commercial-scale plug & play power – installed in a matter of hours.

Off-Grid Commercial

Laba Solar Box for off-grid applications will be a strong economic, environmental, and logistical advantage.

These benefits include:

  • Significant annual cost savings from a reduction in generator fuel
  • Range of options for the amount of renewable energy production, up to 100%, with the ability to meet air quality standards
  • Turnkey system that installs in under one day, shipped anywhere


Clean energy for off-grid for rural and remote farms, or cost-saving solar plus battery systems for grid-tie operation.

Utility and Community

Utilities and communities around suffer from high costs because of traditional ‘wire and poles’ infrastructure and increasing damage from natural disasters. Laba Solar Box modular solar microgrids offer a turnkey, scalable and cost-effective non-wire alternative (NWA). These distributed energy resources (DER) provide flexibility and resilience at the local level and avoid investments in costly infrastructure.

Government and Non-Profit / Disaster Recovery & Emergency Backup
Laba Solar Box has a rapidly growing record of success with large-scale nonprofit, and governmental entities – providing them with the highest quality energy technology, consulting, and project management services