Welcome to Labacorp Group of Companies

  • Date: 06 Apr, 2021
  • Website: www.labacorpplaza.com
  • Location: Accra, Ghana

Real Estate

Labacorp Plaza will be a three (3) phase mixed-use development in the capital of Ghana that will feature high-end, attractively designed building settings with architectural controls. The complex will be the new center of gravity for entrepreneurship, leisure, and luxury lifestyle in Ghana, with modern infrastructure and world-class amenities, facilities, and security within the Labacorp Plaza.

Project Overview

Labacorp Plaza will be a complex off distinction, aesthetic relevance, and enduring value for investors, clients, and local communities. The business, leisure, and lifestyle plaza will support Ghana by delivering significant direct and indirect impact on the Ghana economy to help achieve its long-term goals of economic growth and diversification. The first proposed land is located along the Tema motorway, Aburi, and within Central Accra. The second proposed land location is within the ongoing Ghana Beachfront (Marine Drive Project) develop

Phase One: Business Center

The Business Plaza will integrate a think tank, meeting rooms, exhibition space, conference center, lettable office space, incubator, accelerators, coffee shop, library, restaurant, innovation center, resource center, and executive lounge with a beautiful environment and landscaping.

Phase Two: Lifestyle Place
The Lifestyle Place will be premier leisure and entertainment facilities that will integrate a movie theater cinema, retail store, indoor virtual golf, rooftop restaurant and bar, Ice cream parlor, horse park, star golf, sandy beach, tennis court, clubhouse, and bowling center, with fully-appointed private events.

Phase Three: Hotel & Apartments
The luxury twin-tower hotel and apartments complex will be a business and family accommodation and will integrate a modern exercise gym, relaxation spa, pool lounge, executive suits, and a fully automated building.

To be developed by Labacorp Properties, the Labacorp Plaza will be a thoughtfully planned and meticulously executed self-contained community of sophisticated events space, retail, elegant dining, Class-A office space, corporate penthouse residences, luxurious brownstones and lofts, upscale apartments and the hotel, and world-class hospitality, leisure, and exhibition facility.